The Rugby Travel Company’s Fundraising Program lets you turn vacations, business trips and even club travel into donations!

Over 25 million Americans will travel overseas this summer.  How many of these travelers are your club members, their families or friends?  What about business trips?  Or weekends away?  People are traveling all the time.  With full club support, you could be raising thousands of dollars for your team by simply asking your members, patrons, and community to use your official travel agency, The Rugby Travel Company (RTC), to book their trip.  This fundraising program does not involve costly and time consuming banquets and is on-going throughout the year.  When most clubs are struggling for funds, why not take advantage of a program that requires nothing more than making the conscious effort to buy travel through the RTC.

How does the RTC Fundraising Program Work? 

Referral Program

The easiest way to use the RTC Fundraising Program is by simply referring our agency to your club members, their friends, families, neighbors and business associates.  As supporters use the club’s travel services, RTC will donate 10% of all the travel commissions generated back to your club.  The RTC will handle all ticketing, bookkeeping and commission tracking, as well as assist with marketing campaigns and provide ongoing support.

Sponsored Travel

Group travel provides an excellent way to have fun and support rugby with fundraising.  We can work with your members to develop a tour or cruise that can be used as a fundraising opportunity for your club.  Also, by using the RTC for any group travel the team already participates, the club not only gets the service of a travel agency that has been working with Rugby travel for over 15 years, but would also receive the 10% commission payback.

Since most of our business is done over the internet or by phone, this program is not restricted to people in your local area.  Have your members share these fundraising opportunities with their family and friends.  Use the power of your network to expand the scope of your fundraising efforts!

Our Co-Owner, Simon Jones is a supporter and former rugby club player, who understands the challenges of raising money for club sports.  That is why we made it our goal to share our success with the rugby community.  The RTC was established by a group of seasoned travel professionals and offers a full range of travel services including leisure, business, and group travel.

So why not give our program a try!  There is no cost to you and there is no obligation to continue using our services if you are not pleased.  Give us a call at 866-531-5441 or email us for more information.