Indigenous Australian Invitational Rugby Team to Tour the US Southwest

On November 8, 2015, the Indigenous Australian Invitational Rugby Team (IAIR) will arrive into the Albuquerque, NM and begin their tour of the Southwest of the United States.  The tour will involve playing five US collegiate rugby teams over the two weeks and an all Native American rugby team in Gallup, NM.  This will be the first time that an all Native American team and played an all Indigenous Australian team in any code of football.  As part of the experience, the team will visit Native American communities and stay on the reservation.  IAIR will have the opportunity to share cultural their heritage with the Native American communities, discuss similarities as indigenous people, and develop international indigenous relationships.  IAIR will also be meeting with the faculty from the School of American Indian Studies at California State University, Long Beach and conduct a coaching clinic with ICEF, the Inter City Educational Fund youth rugby team.

The IAIR is more than just a rugby tour, they also mentor players and assist players in finding housing, jobs and grants to assist with the cost of their education.