The RTC creates the most innovative rugby tours of the USA. Our motto is: Build Your Tour Your Way!  Every rugby tour operator offers the standard West Coast or East Coast trips to the USA, but we go beyond your standard offerings. Since we are located in the US, we KNOW the USA because we live here. Our tour designers have lived and or visited most of the major cities and areas in the United States. We know what is worth doing and what is not. Our local contacts can add that special touches to elevate a trip from good to amazing!

The USA is a massive country with vast arrays of options to choose from. We have a number of tour options which are there to give you an idea of time-line possibilities. We do think it is best to focus on one part of the US at a time, as distances can be extensive (Los Angeles to New York is a 5 hour flight). And don’t forget that the USA offers so much more than just the big cities.

For ideas on designing your amazing USA rugby tour, you are welcome to browse our itineraries to get an idea on how to piece it all together.

At The Rugby Travel Company, we are always here to offer any support and answer any questions pertaining to traveling in the USA, so at any point, you are welcome to email us at with your inquiries.

10 Day Pacific Coast Highway Tour

10 Day Southern California Tour

16 Day Route 66 Tour

12 Day New England Tour