So why should your rugby team come to America?  Well, the United States is a great destination for teams to explore.  From beached to mountains, urban cities to small quaint towns.  The USA has it all!

Great Cities to Visit

The United States is some of the greatest cities in the world:  New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Boston, and Seattle.  These are just a handful of magnificent cities in the USA, and all offering a completely different experience.  But this USA is more than just great cities.  It has some of the best national parks in the world (Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone), great mountain resorts (Vail, Aspen, Tahoe), fantastic beaches (Waikiki, South Beach, Malibu), great music scenes (Austin, Nashville, Seattle), and fantastic countryside (Napa, Texas Cattle Country, Louisiana Bayou).  This is just the tip of the iceberg of ideas for  destinations in America.

Rugby is Bigger in the USA Than You Think

Rugby is gaining popularity in the USA, with rugby participation growing by over 350% since 2004.  While per capita rugby is not as popular in the US as in other countries, there are still over 98,000 registered rugby players in the United States, which is actually more than in Australia!   That is a lot of teams to organize games with.  Pretty much every major metropolitan area in the USA has at least one rugby teams, if not more.   California, New York and Pennsylvania are the states with the highest concentration of rugby players.  Amazingly, the annual USA Sevens tournament in Las Vegas draws larger crowds than Seven’s tournaments held in South Africa, Scotland and Australia.  The level of competition in the USA varies from casual club teams to ultra-competitive Super League teams.  When choosing teams for your US fixtures, don’t count out the small town guys.  In rural towns, your rugby club is more likely to be welcomed with open arms by the entire community, plus you are more likely to get that true “All American” experience.

Amazing Activities

When it is time to play, the USA offers an endless supply of activities to keep your team occupied.   How about visiting a dude ranch in the Southwest?  Or whitewater rafting down a number of world class rapids.  Fishing, well, heck, from deep sea to streams and lakes, your options are limitless.  How about catching a baseball, football or basketball game?  How about a bourbon tour of Kentucky, beer tasting  in the Northwest, or wine tasting in California.   Fascinated by space, how about Space Camp.  And there may be a few Amument Parks here in the USA that you have heard of before.  And last but no least, shopping.  We have lower taxes here so there are many bargains to be had.  There are so many things to do and see in the USA, you’ll need to come back more than once!